Pilates Based Wellness Programs
→ All sessions are approximately one-hour length.

Wellness Screen
Prerequisite For All Programs

($75 – Fee Waived Upon Signing Up For Fitness Series)
Assessment of health history, posture alignment, gait pattern, breath patterns, trunk and core stabilization, balance, flexibility and strength, identifying specific needs, precautions and contraindications to exercise.

Pilates Personal Fitness
(5 Sessions $325 – 10 Sessions $600)
Certified Pilates Instructors use Pilates exercises, equipment and props to guide you to balanced fitness by improving body awareness, coordination, flexibility, strength, core support and spinal stabilization.

Shared Pilates Personal Fitness
($375 Per Person for 10 Session Package)
($200 Per Person for 5 Session Package)
Prerequisite – Wellness Screen and 5 Personal Sessions

Walk Ins
(Single - $65 Per Session)
(Shared - $40 Per Person)

Pilates / Therapy Personal Fitness
(5 Sessions $375 – 10 Sessions $700)
Physical Therapists use hands on guidance in combination with Pilates therapeutic exercise programs that are custom designed for post-rehabilitation or chronic pain clients.

Pilates Physical Therapy
Medicare/Insurance Accepted

($100 Self Pay)
Physical Therapists offer holistic treatments for neck and back pain, orthopedic injuries and various diagnosis. Recommended for clients experiencing pain and dysfunction related to injury or disease.