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Body Works Studio
214 Orange Street
Neptune Beach, Florida
(904) 246-4900

Jacksonville Beach Pilates

Body Works Studio, located in Neptune Beach in the Beaches Town Center (tucked in the back corner behind Sliders Restaurant and Dance Trance) offers the Pilates apparatus for rehabilitation and personal fitness. It is a therapist owned & operated studio providing Pilates training and Physical Therapy in a clean, quiet and relaxing setting.

In continuous use for over eighty years, Pilates is a fun and unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, improving and changing the body's postural and alignment habits, and increasing flexibility, ease of movement, and clarity of mind.

The core fundamentals of Pilates are based upon a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the human body. Our staff uses this information to create a comprehensive exercise program for each client with the aim of restoring a greater sense of balance and well-being. It is this holistic approach that sets it apart from other forms of exercise and is now one of the safest forms of exercise today.

Pilates helps to:

  • Increase & create balance between strength & flexibility
  • Create an awareness of & strengthen dynamic stability
  • Improve coordination
  • Release stress
  • Improve posture

Pilates is beneficial for:

  • General fitness and body awareness
  • Injury prevention
  • Remedial and rehabilitation work
  • Improvement of technique for athletes and dancers
  Jacksonville Beach Pilates